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Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You may be interested in learning about the latest and most popular design trends.

Learn what’s going on here in 2017:

  • Plenty of Room for Storage

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is forgetting to have enough storage space available in their kitchen. For example, you may want to consider making your overhead cabinets extend right to the top of your ceiling. Otherwise, they simply collect dust.

You may also want to make sure that you have drawers deep enough so you can access pots, pans, and other kitchen cookware and utensils. Some cabinetry manufacturers also make hydraulic cabinet doors that fold up and out of the way with ease.

  • Adequate Lighting

Unfortunately, sometimes kitchens aren’t lit properly so you can see what you’re doing. The light, for example, comes from behind you which casts a shadow on what you’re attempting to work on. Lighting that you install below your cabinets lights your workspace so you can easily see what you’re doing. Additionally, you can also install lights which hang down from your ceiling.

  • Gray and White Remain Popular

White cabinets currently continue to be the most popular color in the industry. Gray remains a close second, and it could be number one in the near future. Many homeowners are choosing to combine these colors in their kitchens too. And some go for a slightly stronger contrast with black-and-white.

  • Sinks are Trending Away from White and Stainless Steel

You can certainly have a white or stainless steel sink. But in general, homeowners are starting to choose more eye-catching colors. For example, Kohler now makes sinks with bright colors, like green. If you want to make your sink a larger focus of your kitchen, this could be a route to go.

  • Money-Saving Look-Alike Features

You can have a gorgeous-looking kitchen that doesn’t also break the bank. You can get laminate countertops that look exactly like granite, for example. Most people won’t have any idea that your countertop’s not granite. And you’ll end up saving some cash too.

  • Mixing Countertop Materials

Granite, quartz, and laminate are no longer you’re only choices if you do want a fashionable countertop. Wood is also coming into style today. And for a more dramatic effect, some homeowners mix wood with one of the leading standard choices for countertop materials.

These are just some ideas of what to do in your kitchen. There’s lots more you can do. For now you have a solid idea of the different directions you can go.

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