How to Clean Wood Floors

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When you have a completed home remodeling project, that may have included a wood floor. Wood floors require a little more care than others. There’s space between the boards, and you have gorgeous polyurethane finish that makes your floors shine.

If you don’t take care of your wood floor the right way, that can actually cause more damage than all the dust and dirt that enters your home. Too much water, strong cleaning solutions made of vinegar or baking soda, and glow enhancers can all do more damage than good.

So what should you do? How do you keep wood floors clean without causing more damage?

It’s actually pretty simple. Here’s how:

  1. Prevention is Key

Proactive planning saves you tons of trouble in nearly every area of life. That includes caring for your wood floors.

Keep your dirt and dust levels low by dispatching a robot vacuum daily. The one you purchase should be able to do its job for an hour before needing another charge.

Make sure you have tough-bristled mats at all entrances. Shoes and boots should be left at the door, and make sure you’re strict in setting this rule.

If you spill water or someone drops an ice cube, take care of it immediately. Don’t wait. Moisture can cause wood flooring’s shape to warp over time.

  1. When You Do Clean

Wood floors need cleaning 4-6 times per year. If you like to sweep quietly, use a soft-bristled broom, and not a stiffer-bristled one like you might use in your garage.

If you find something sticky, which ideally you clean up immediately, use special wood-floor cleaner and rub vigorously with a damp cloth. You don’t need to crouch down if you don’t like it, so you can plant a foot on a rag. Mop with a microfiber mop, and go in the direction of the grain. Wring the mop out thoroughly before use.

When you vacuum, use a soft floor nozzle. Carpet beaters can damage the polyurethane finish.

  1. Don’t Do This

Avoid using cleaning product not specifically intended for wood floors. This usually leads to damage.

When you mop, if you don’t wring the mop out thoroughly, the moisture can get between the boards and through tiny holes in the floor’s finish. This can damage the wood over time.

Never steam clean your wood floor either. Steam cleaning works best on tile, linoleum, and vinyl.

Now You’re Ready for Shiny Wood Floors

Taking care of wood floors has its own intricacies. And when you follow this guide, you’ll have the gorgeous shiny ones just like you see on TV.

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