How to Make Your Home Remodel Nearly Stress-Free

Any change in life brings with it at least some stress. How will it go? What happens if something goes wrong? Will you be as happy with your completed remodeling project as you hoped? Can you trust the contractor you hired to do the work?

Everyone goes through those questions. Some people get more stressed than others.

If you know you’re the type who tends to get a little too stressed and anxious during times of change, keep these tips in mind so you spend less time worrying and more time enjoying the exciting new changes about to happen at your home:

  • Talk to Your Friends and Family
    Do you know someone who’s already remodeled their home? Talk to them. Ask them what their fears were, how they handled them, how they chose their contractor, and if any of their fears actually came true (hint: they rarely do).
    Ask them what they liked about the process, what they didn’t like, and how they settled on a contractor they could trust. You’ll mostly hear good things. And if you hear horror stories, learn what mistakes were made so you can avoid making the same mistakes yourself.
  • Look for a Simple Process
    Today’s design knows almost no limits. Some homeowners find their own architect and attempt to work with them and a separate remodeling contractor.
    Can you see where this is going?
    It makes the process more complicated. Mistakes become more likely. Disagreements and project delays happen.
    Instead, focus on a firm that handles the entire process. They’re used to it. That keeps mistakes and hassles to an absolute minimum.
  • Understand What You Want
    Homeowners are usually the guilty party when it comes to changes during the project. If you can’t visualize what the completed project will look like, make sure you tell your contractor that. They’ll have a way of helping you so you don’t feel surprised with what you get.
    And if you’re not liking the direction of the project as it happens, take a step back. Think things through. You spent time considering multiple contractors. You hired this one because you trust them the most. So just accept that you’ll end up with a high-quality project. Good contractors don’t know any other way to do their work.
  • Agree with Your Spouse on Everything Before Moving Forward
    Remodeling projects often bring out the best and worst in marriages. Your contractor can’t play counselor between the two of you.
    Rather, it’s up to you and your spouse to agree on each aspect of the project before moving forward. Comprise where necessary. This isn’t the time to force your will on your spouse, which only leads to more stress down the road.

If you can’t agree on a certain aspect of the project before moving forward, don’t make a decision until you do.

Follow those tips, and you’ll have an enjoyable remodeling experience, which is what it’s supposed to be.

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